Body Centered Therapy
for Wellness and Empowered Living

by balancing the nervous system with Somatic Experiencing 

Available worldwide through telehealth and locally in Black Mountain, NC

Black Mountain Somatic Experiencing is a body-oriented therapeutic model that helps heal trauma and other stress disorders.

Want to feel like yourself again
but not sure what that FEELS LIKE ANY MORE?

A body holding on to trauma and stress is like the cartoon character, Chicken Little. The body is screaming “the sky is falling!” even when it is not. And, all this internal noise can lead to distraction, overwhelm, an inability to make decisions, and engaging in addictive behavior. The mental fog of trauma can convince you, why even bother?

A nervous system out of balance and a body holding onto stress and trauma feels like pushing on the gas pedal and break pedal at the same time. You are left trying to manage an overwhelmed state of being and  feel like you are stuck and spinning your wheels.

Some turn to overeating, over drinking, over doing, or anything that will numb out the constant tension in their chest and shoulders, anxiety and hypertension. For others this may look like moving from one high to the next trying to feel something other than numb. 

The person that used to be joyful, courageous, daring, centered, calm and happy, has been replaced by an uptight or shut down body and mind that has convinced them to live a much smaller life than they really want to live.

"Life-changing. Powerful. Deep and lasting healing energy. Last year, I recognized that I had accumulated a lot of subtle, and not-so-subtle trauma that was showing up in my fragile coping mechanisms. While working with Grace, I’m in awe of how effortlessly she guides me to (and through) my stored up trauma… then suddenly, like magic, it releases and peace is restored all within one session! I don’t know how she does it, but it is so very powerful! I highly recommend Grace and the Somatic Experience!"

- Satisfied client in Black Mountain, NC

Because life is short and there is so much beauty and goodness, we need the eyes to see it or in this case the nervous system that is well regulated enough to experience it. Without a balanced nervous system, we are literally turning beauty into tragedy, opportunities into hardship, and blessings into complaints and cannot seem to stop it.

 Somatic Experiencing in Black Mountain puts you back in the drivers seat of your life.

Somatic Experiencing therapy is a bottom up approach, meaning that we work with the body and allow the insights to flow from body sensation rather than working with thoughts, ideas and stories first. Your body is the focus.

Another principle is titration, this means keeping the exposure to the trauma or stressor(s) small and incremental. Trauma can happen when there’s too much too fast. Therefore, a Somatic Experiencing session works with small easy to assimilate pieces during a session. The healing comes from staying with your body sensation rather than diving into old stories for too long. In general, people find it easier to stay with the body sensation when the information being shared and processed is titrated or in small amounts.

The goal is to create new neural pathways, a new body experience, so that new meanings and new positive ways of experiencing and seeing ourselves and the world can emerge. This therapy addresses PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder) and the symptoms of trauma such as anxiety, depression, difficulty sleeping, and addiction.

A Somatic Experiencing session in Black Mountain, NC or via teleheath,  is good for individuals who may not have specific trauma, but have lived with long-term stress either due to the nature of their work, their home life, childhood, or hormonal changes.

Somatic Experiencing THERAPY helps you to befriend your nervous system. 

You will begin to befriend the animal impulses of your body. The impulse to fight, the impulse to flee, the impulse to freeze, and the impulse for connection.

Somatic Experiencing is a highly effective method for regulating the nervous system by using the body’s own wisdom to release trauma.


"I am, with Grace's guidance, delving into age old issues of body trauma.  I trust Grace with all of me and cherish every time I see her.  Grateful  for the insights and the relief."

-Satisfied client in Asheville, NC

Hi. I'm Grace ScaRBRough.

As a Somatic Experiencing practitioner in Black Mountain, I offer you an opportunity to dive gently into your own body’s deep wisdom, its messages, and its unique needs and desires for health.

"I have felt secure with Grace in some of my most vulnerable moments."
- A Grateful Client, Asheville, NC 

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“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
Quote by Viktor Frankl, neurologist, psychiatrist and holocaust survivor


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